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Features:BT5.1 technology, lower power consumption, and more stable audio signal transmission.Portable USB dongle with external antenna, powered by DC 5V USB interface.EDR data transmission rate up to 3Mbps, effective distance up to 10-100m.This receiver-transmitter adapter can be widely used for wi..
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The product is mainly used in high-definition movies on the computer or DVD in the HD Multimedia Interface interface with high-definition TV playback, can not be applied to other devices, otherwise the effect can not be guaranteed.Features:Plug and play, no need to set multi-screen display! Easy to ..
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This microphone is perfect for live broadcast and outdoor shooting. Compact and lightweight, anytime and anywhere to start use this product.Features:Comes with microphone stands,you can adjust to any angles you want for various recording needs.Delivering a stereo sound image with superb clarity.Plug..
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This product adopts LINUX operating system. For best performance, it takes about 16 seconds to self-test and optimize the operating system after electrify. This audio decoder can convert optical signal, coaxial signal (including LPCM) and analog 2 channel audio signal to 5.1/2.1 channel audio signal..
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Features:Mini, lightweight and portable design.Easy to use by connecting directly 30 pin dock to transform your speakers into a fashionable cordless BT speaker.Long distance to play your favorite songs in your device through a BT connection.Com-ply with BT 2.0, support A2DP V1.0, V1.2, V2.0, V2.1, V..
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Features:Fast Connection & Stable Signal:BT5.0 provides more stable and faster audio signal transmission. Audio receiver and transmitter mode 2-in-1, convenient to use.Receiver Mode:Changes the non-BT headphone, car stereo, or home audio into BT-enabled ones. After paired, play music from your BT-en..
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Overview:The clock radio unit has a big size LED display, easy to watch the time, especially for the elderly. With this product, you can enjoy DAB radio and FM radio. The radio can be set as the alarm timer, and you can set two alarm timers to go off at a different time.Features:DAB & FM Radio Recep..
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Features:Ear-mounted radio earphones, universal for left and right ears, adjustable angle.With a digital display screen and buttons, it can display the radio frequency band and volume level.Equipped with sponge earphones and external wired earphones, supporting 3.5mm audio output.Unique green leaf e..
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This ARC Audio Extractor supports 5.1CH audio output, enabling you enjoy surround sound and offering you immersive watching experience. Besides, with CEC function, you can adjust volume through the remote control of the TV.Feature:Multiple Interface Simultaneous OutputIt equips with SPDIF, coaxial, ..
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Features:Adopts UHF 5th generation of low power consumption, frequency conversion technology, stable signals, automatically boot, strong anti-interference, plug and play. Supports 15 groups of frequency at the same time.High sensitive Mic picks up sound clear and loud, preventing the noise. Strong a..
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Features:Portable Karaoke System: Composed of a separated type speaker set and 1 wireless microphone, a perfect mini home KTV for music playing and singing at any time.Two Ways of Connection: You can choose BT or cable connection between your phone and iK8, and open the APP on your phone to sing, re..
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Features:Unique and practical design, 4mm ultra-thin card size, you can easily put it in your wallet, pocket, convenient to carry to record important voices in life.Supports voice-controlled recording. It will record automatically when there is sound around, and auto-stop when no sound, saving memor..
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